Rental Terms and Conditions



When you make a booking you guarantee that you have the authority to accept and do accept on behalf of your party the terms of these booking conditions. The contract you enter into is between the owner(s)/agent of Villa WAK.

1. The access codes of the digital safes and or the Burglar alarm must be change back to the original code before you leave. All digital safes are coded ? and Burglar alarm is ?. Instructions on changing the codes are situated next to these appliances.

2. Bookings:
i) 20% required for reservation - payable immediately. After which, details will be sent to you and you must to provide a photocopy of your (main guest) passport together with the signed booking form.
ii) The outstanding balance (80%) must be paid at least 2 months in advance. The villa caters for a maximum of 6 persons only - all names must be entered on the booking form.

3. Cancellation:
i) Reservation fee (20%) will be forfeited due cancellation.
ii)100% of total balance will be forfeited if cancellation occurs on or within 7 weeks of arrival date.

4. Cleaning:
i) Pool maintenance (1-2 a week), bed linen and bath towel changes (once only at end of the stay) are FREE.
ii) Guest(s) will need to dispose of their rubbish at the public reycle bin nearby the villa. The recycle bins are situated approximately 100 metres to the left or the right side of the villa.

5. Minimal Cautionary Deposit:
i) GBP 300 or Euros 300 is payable in addition to the rental costs, it is fully refundable subject to no damage to the Villa and or it's fixtures and fittings and chattels and no excessive cleaning and no missing items. The amount of deposit deducted will vary depending on the replacement of such item(s) or repair of such item(s). If damage exceeds the cautionary deposit paid, then the responsible guest(s) must agree to pay the reasonable additional costs to cover such eventuality.

6. Access to the Villa - during your stay, there may be workers entering the grounds of the villa to clean and maintain the pool once a week. We will endeavour to minimise disturbance to the guests. The pool cleaner or gardener is keen to ensure our guests will enjoy privacy at the villa.

6a. Air conditioning: Included in the weekly rental price. It is only available in the main bedroom and in the open plan living room/dinning/kitchen area. Air conditioning will only work effectively when all doors and windows are closed. Fans are provided in every room, free of charge.

7. Bath towels are provided but it must not be used for the swimming pool or the beach. Please use your own beach towels for that purpose.

8. Check-in time 3pm (earlier time maybe possible subject to availability and or additional costs).

9. Check-out time 11am (later maybe possible subject to availability and or additional costs).

Villa must be vacated in a generally clean condition and all damages or missing items must be replaced and or reported to our representative in the UK and Spain. Clients must replace damaged items, and leave the villa clean, as to minimise cost claims (if any).

11. Liability: The guests will agree to waive any responsibility against the owner(s) or booking the agent or the villa's representative(s) for:
i) losses of property or damage of personal property or
ii) liability to any of the guests' property or
iii) personal injury that arose from negligence.

12. Safety:
i) The swimming pool has a shallow and a deep end, ensure any young children or the elderly are aware of this. Keep young children supervised at all times.
ii) The BBQ fire/heat must be extinguished immediately after use, and must be supervised all times to prevent personal injury or fire. A fire extinguisher is situated in the indoor kitchen area.
iii) Smoking cigarette is not permitted inside the house/villa.
iv) Digital Safes are provided in each bedroom, and you may change the access code combination. At the end of your holiday, you must change the access number back to ?.
v) Burglar alarm code can be changed but you must change it back to code ? before you leave.

12a. Swimming Pool: No glass cup or glass material shall be used near the pool. Please use plastic cups and plates, to prevent risk of broken glass and injury to yourself or other persons. Use the outdoor pool shower before entering the pool to reduce risk to bacterial infection.

13. Insurance: Guests must have adequate travel insurance cover during their stay at the villa.

14. Breach of Contract:
The owner or it's representative(s) reserve the right to terminate the contract any time if guests breaches the abovementioned conditions of this contract or cause nuisance or intentionally damage properties of the villa or risk the safety of other guests. In such circumstances, the offensive guest(s) or party must agree to vacate the villa and forfeit any outstanding fees or booking period.

15. Extended Stay or Unauthorised Overstay:
The booking period is specified on the Booking Form and in this Terms and Condition Contract. One extended day rental is based on check-in at 15:00hr and check out following day at 11:00hr. Any unauthorised overstay will be charged at the daily rate of the contract, and the amount will be deducted from the cautionary deposit.


16. CCTV

The villa has several cctv cameras for security purposes, none of them will be monitoring during your stay.

17. Governing Law and Jurisdiction:
This agreement will be governed by and construed in accordance with English Law and both parties irrevocably submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the English courts.





I, (name) ____________________ of (address)_______________________________________________________have read and agree to the terms and conditions. I am booking on behalf of the party, to hire Villa WAK, C. del Mar, Les Tres Cales, Spain, for a short holiday stay between (date) at 15:00hr to (date) at 11:00hr. The rental is GBP(x) (excluding Cautionary Deposit GPB300).


Signed By: ___________________________ Date: _____________________